Saturday, 26 March 2011

Grey Knights - the plan so far

Well, with the GK release just around the corner my plans are just about coming together for this very special army. I now, between the new releases and my elder models have an army something like this:

Grand Master (old metal termie justicar)
Brother Captain (plastic)
Librarian (plastic conversion)
Stern (metal)
5 paladins + 1 aopthecary (plastic)
5 terminators (metal with plastic justicar)
5 terminators (metal with plastic justicar)
Brotherhood champion (old metal justicar)
10 PAGKS (mixed, multi-purpose)

10 PAGKS (mixed, multi-purpose)
10 PAGKS (mixed, multi-purpose)
Dreadnought (autocannon, NDF, MM, AC options)
Venerable dreadnought (NDF, AC options)
Nemesis Dreadknight
Land raider (any type)
Inquisitor + servitors, warriors, acolyte, chimera
Vindicare / eversor / callidus assassins

I did consider using the spare plastic terminator as a special character but would rather wait until mordrack is released to see whether I like the mini or not. In the mean time he will be used for a brother captain, but not before I've carried out my secret plan. (mwah ha ha)

So, my current to do list until I receive the new stuff (about 10 days) looks like this:
- continue painting
- convert a second autocannon dread arm
- strip a couple of terminators as the old paint is just too thick in places.

With these things done, my post-release schedule looks like this:
- assemble and paint
- muchos magnetizing

With these projects for the next 6 months or so:
- Acquire more inquisitorial bits
- Clear resin cast a GK and some weapons to serve as mordracks ghosts (using spare plastic termie body)
- at the same time, resin cast some henchmen/weapons that are hard to come by.

I hope that by the end of 2011 I will have the force up to speed. I'm still not sure what to do about distinguishing purgators/purifiers/strike squads, as I would like to keep them as mix n match. Maybe for now I'll just keep them all one colour scheme, though it will make play a bit more confusing. Here's a few updates:

 Rhino now has all its basecoats and has some Stormraven, brass etch, Baal pred and FW bits.
 Here's the old dread with his new toys, namely a BA dread force weapon (nemesis doomfist) and a scratchbuilt TLautocannon, of which I am making a left arm one at the moment.
 The scratchbuild, using plasticard filled with greenstuff, some guitar wire and some parts from the aegis line autocannons. took about an hour to make and does the job.
Here's the venerable dread witht the standard FW loadout. He'll run with a NDF and assault cannon with psybolts (AKA psycannon) with either a stormbolter or psyflame heavy flamer (AKA incinerator) underslung. All weapons magnetised - he's awaiting a proper base and a daemon head to stand on hence the blu-tack foot. Also, I adjusted the angles of both his arm weapons using greenstuff to make him a bit more dynamic.

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