Thursday, 17 February 2011

Blood Angels victory over chaos

Had a 2000 pt game Vs Chaos Space Marines tonight. We rolled for kill points and table quarters. My list was as follows:

Assault squad (5) +PW/Melta/razorback
Death company (11) +PW/PF
DC dread +blood talons/heavy flamer
DC dread +blood fists/magna grapple/DP
Librarian dread +wings/MoH
Furioso dread +frag/fist/extra/heavy flamer/DP
Furioso dread +blood fists/extra/DP
Dreadnought +TLLC/ML
Stormraven +lascannons/MM/extra

So the list was geared up to kill everything on the board rather than take objectives. I'd have had issues if we'd rolled for more than 2 objectives, but as it happened we had kill points. Victory ultimately went to the BAs with 8 points to 4 at the end of turn 5. I lost a drop pod, libby dread, DC dread and mephiston and was impressed with how resiliant and intimidating the many dread list can be. Will add a pic of the army as soon as I have the camera batteries back. ;)

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