Friday, 18 March 2011

I am the hammer! Grey Knights incoming!

Howdy folks,

Been a long while since my last post - sorry about that. I will get around to posting pics of the blood angel army at some point soon now I have batteries again. As the title suggests, my workbench is currently filled with grey knights, ready for the release in 2 weeks time.

Grey Knights were the 3rd army I got when I restarted 40k. I already had blood angels and orks from the days of old, and I actually had a couple of old GK termianators too, which I have sadly sold on since. A flick through Codex: Daemonhunters in my FLGS persuaded me to be on the lookout for an ebay army, which came my way relatively quickly.

The army consisted of 18 PAGKs, 8 terminators, Stern, a land raider and a couple of other bits. When they arrived I was a bit irritated in that they had come from a smoking household. Being a student Doctor, I'm not best fond of smoking regardless, but to have your new army being coated in tar in their recesses and a codex which reeked of smoke, I wasn't too thrilled. Still, I augmented them with an inquisitor and retinue, a few of the classic beret stormtroopers, an old metal dreadnought, a couple of assassins I had from the days of old and an old chimera and I had something like a fighting force.

Since then, and mostly in anticipation of the new release, I have added land raider redeeemer parts to the land raider (which already had GK doors) so that all the parts are magnetised and interchangable. A stormraven and razorback/rhino, as well as one more terminator and a FW ven dread have also been added. This in itself is a formiddable force, but I defintely think I'll pick up one of each of the new boxed sets if only to have a few more weapon options and the dreadknight. Some pics below:

Here's what the models looked like when they arrived (right) compared to one I've nearly finished repainting (left). I like to call the colour scheme the guy was going for, the space wolf grey knights. Although it's not a bad scheme for normal SMs, it just didn't look right on GKs and so I'm now most of the way through repainting them. 

Here's the land raider in redeemer mode. I kept the heraldry from how it was painted before, but just made it so it actually looked like a GK vehicle and not a SW reject.

A shot of the weapons removed

This is the look I'm going for with the GKs, with these two chaps on the road to completion. I use boltgun metal, followed by a dilute wash with old GW blue ink, then a drybrush with BG metal and highlights with mithril silver, then silver:white 1:1. Worked out pretty well so far but still needs some refining. 

Here's the old metal dread I converted with Green Stuff. It was some of the first GS work I did and so isn't great but the photo doesn't really do it justice.

I'm trying to decide how to do nemesis weapons and after a lot of experimenting I came up with these two. The right hand one is the one I think I'll go with even though it takes a bit longer to do. 

 Finally just a shot of the FW augmented chimera.

More updates on GK stuff when I get the vehicles sprayed up and when new things arrive. Cheers for now

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