Monday, 14 February 2011

Update - selection of models

Been too long since my last update and so I thought I would post up some models I've been working on lately as well as a general selection of models:

Blood angels:

This squad is from the 5th company and is the first squad. The thing veteran players will notice is that Sergeant Patizo (name from the Krakens jaws WD campaign) is a homage to the 2nd ed box art. Although the shades of red are slightly different on some models (they're not 100% finished, some still need some highlights and washing) I find this to fit with my fluff for them. BAs should each be as unique as possible, reflecting their artisan nature. To further enhance this I not only add the scriptwork to their armour, but also small pieces of artwork and murals, which a keen eye can spot. Very pleased with how the squad turned out (it is one of the only squads I own which I can say is nearly 100% finished to my satisfaction) and hope to start adding all the finer details to second squad soon.

Just a couple of Captains also. On the left is Captain Sendini (current) who I use as Tycho, on the right is his predecessor, Captain Rafael.

Crimson Fists:
Here is a selection of crimson fists models. I have two identically armed scout squads in my army, each of which rides in a Land Speeder storm. The heads are from pig iron prductions and fit the scout bodies well I think. The sergeants power fist is from 2nd edition with some greenstuff to smooth the shoulder - fits really well also.

This is a selection of sternguard, which are mainly modified from generic veteran models and led by the limited edition sergeant/captain model. They're still WIP, but easily tabletop standard by now.

This is a pic of one honour guard with relic blade and the chapter champion. I'm making fast progress with the HG and just wanted to put a bigger pic of the champion (my favourite model) up on here.


Just a generic squad of Sallies to show the bases and how I try to paint them.

Imperial Fists:

I use a 10-man sniper squad ed by Telion in my IF army, which works really well with both stealth and the cover bonus provided by Lysander. (2+ cover save!) One on the left is converted from the land speeder storm crew, of which many of my raven guard scouts were. (pics soon)

All I have for now as the batteries just died on the camera. Will post updates more frequently I hope from now on. At the moment I'm doing a lot more assembling. (new stormravens etc) and so there's not much to show of interest. Keep watching tho. Cheers.

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