Thursday, 27 January 2011

Blood Angel Librarians

No Blood Angel force is complete without a few psykers, and the new codex has reiterated this even more. I'm currently awaiting the new release of the Furioso kit to add a Librarian dreadnought to the army, but for now I have 3 Librarians in my force:


I love everything about this chap - the rules, the story, even the outdated model. Indeed, in my first game with him in the new dex I managed to scalp 800 points of tyranids with him in just 3 turns and only suffered 2 wounds in return. If employed correctly, Mephy is an absolute monster! I am tempted to buy Astorath and convert him to gain a more dynamic and awesome model, but for now this one will do


This chap is the Callistarius model from space hulk. I've magnetised the base so he can be removed for playing SH (as with all my SH termies) and also I've magnetised his storm bolter hand to allow him to swap it out for a storm shield. The shade of blue I use for all my librarians is a 50:50 mis between enchanted blue and UM blue, which I find gives a bright yet deep colour distinct from any of the blue armour shades out there.

Power armour

This chap was an afterthought, as I had a couple of spare bits from the DC boxed sets and had need for a libby in a game. his back is magnetised to hold either a regular backpack or a jumppack. The force weapon was made from a sanguinary guard glaive encarmine with a bike flagpole glued upside down to it. The other arm/hand is also from the SG set. The psychic hood was made to look more sinister by carving an upside-down shoulder pad at an angle, giving it the appearance of a high collar. (very vampire!) I think the book is from the DA sprue.

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