Friday, 28 January 2011

Dark Angels

Dark Angels:

This was one of my middling armies, coming after the new wave of Marine armies inspired by the new Codex, and again after reading the first DA Horus Heresy book. I thought (fool that I am) a Death/Ravenwing army would be relatively cheap compared to many armies, due to the low model count. To be fair, the Ravenwing box set is darn good value when compared to getting the individual bikes, plus you get a load of DA bits too. Add that to the (at the time) good value DA upgrade set and a few cheap Ebay land raiders (plus some AoBR termies) and the army was relatively cheap, but still a bit more than I had wanted to spend.

So my theme for this army was to make it an elite army using none of the regular battle company components from a SM army. Thus, the troops contingent would always be terminators, with ravenwing, dreadnoughts, tanks and veterans filling the rest of the spots. Thus, the army turned out like this:

Interrogator Chaplain with terminator armour
Terminator squad with apothecary, standard, CF, HF, LC, TH/SS
Terminator squad with CF, AC, LC, TH/SS
Terminator squad with CF, cyclone, LC, TH/SS
10 company veterans, 5 with CC loadout, 5 with combi weapons
5 command squad, 1 champion, 1 standard, 1 apothecary
6 ravenwing bikers
Attack bike
Land speeder
Land raider
Land raider crusader
Vindicator/predator (magnetised)
Rhino/razorback (magnetised)
Dreadnought (ranged)
Venerable dreadnought + DP

So the army mainly revolves around the two land raiders and the terminators, though I did come up with a nice mixed list the other week which I will post up at some point. There are some nice touches in the army, such as belial being magnetised for TH/SS loadout as well as PW/SB, the Apothecary being a converted Brother Omnio from Space Hulk, the vehicles all being heavily adorned with DA iconography and a FW venerable dread. The army is mostly complete, and thanks to the FAQ update more viable these days. (typhoons/cyclones being dirt cheap) Pics up soon.

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