Sunday, 22 November 2015

Air support inbound - Fire Raptor, Storm Eagle and Caestus ram

Hi Chaps,

Finally achieved dragging some of my Marine armies kicking and screaming out of 5th edition and giving them some air support recently. Keen eyes may have spotted the Raven guard Storm Eagle in my recent batrep, the Imperial Fists Fire Raptor in the army showcase and the flying bases for all 3 here. My new hobby philosophy when working on a project is to get everything as close to tabletop standard as possible before moving on to the next - this allows me not only to game with them but also to be able to revisit the army at any time and crack straight on with detail work.

The Imperial Fists got a Fire Raptor as it fits nicely with their overwhelming firepower philosophy. All the weapons are magnetised and the army painter yellow looks pretty tasty on it. The Raven Guard got the Storm Eagle as it can transport jump pack squads as well as providing some much needed heavy firepower. The cockpit window got the yellow treatment to fit with the eye lenses on the rest of the army. Lastly, the Salamanders got a Caestus ram, perfect for transporting lots of hammernators and providing a melta blast. Sadly, the caestus ram isn't actually all that good vs other flyers and so doesn't give them a great deal of AA but never mind. It looks the part. Next flyer on my hit list is a Xiphon Interceptor for my current project, the Luna Wolves. Cheers.

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  1. You'll enjoy that Fire Raptor!! I won't leave home without mine now