Monday, 19 October 2015

Games Workshop open day 18th October 2015

Hi guys,

Dan and I were fortunate to be able to go to the open day yesterday and so I thought I would share a few thoughts. Tickets were reasonably priced considering you got entry to the gallery. Only a relatively short queue to get in and no traffic issues. Food was the usual mediocre standard but never mind.

The seminar was a good insight into how the creative team works and they guided us through the process of how they devised background and rules for the new storm surge. (jervis wrote the rules btw) Also, we got to see 2 new HH covers - one set at ullanor and the other a new garro story.

Golden daemon was exclusively loyalist marines this time around with some amazing pieces on display. I grabbed my mephiston and loken for Dan and I to enter simply to allow people to see them. I was thrilled that mephi got photographed so who knows, he may show up in a future issue of visions.

The design studio was, as always, a great chance to meet and chat with the geniuses who design our beloved toy soldiers. I learned a lot about the design and manufacturing process, as well as sculpting. Plus I got to see the new eldar corsair bits, doom of mymeara 2nd ed and garro up close. Plus the paint jobs on the new tau which are awesome. Expect new horus heresy centered masterclass in Feb along with next hh book and hh weekender. They're also starting work on IA tau vs admech now.

The exhibition hallsls were as impressive as ever with an age of sigmar piece replacing the orc/empire siege as you first enter and the blood angel/Necron piece being replaced by a fantastic tau/admech piece of which you can see pics below. In addition there are some armies on parade displays.

That's all folks.

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