Sunday, 25 October 2015

Flying bases project part 1 of 2

Hi folks,

Getting through the hobby pledges at speed lately, mainly as I'll be limited on hobby time with exams towards the end of this year and beginning of next. As promised I got down to business with the flying bases, which I calculated I own a whopping 24 of. As of now the 12 pictured below are finished and the remaining 12 are in various states ranging from finished to unstarted. More on them in a few weeks time, but for now here are the first 12.

 First up are salamanders and grey knights. The Sallies have a lava theme and so I used corkboard surrounded by greenstuff to achieve the lava field effect. After a coat of pva to smooth and seal it was ready for spraying. A gloss finish over the lava adds to the glow. Grey knights have slate and ruins for their theme and thus I used one of the honoured imperium pieces (teal highlights for contrast) in amongst slate/rubble and a token dead 1k sons chap.

The nid base is one I made a while back effectively by layering and sanding decorating filler and greenstuff over a flying stem before adding cracked earth to make it look like it was bursting out of the ground. Technical nurgles rot and gloss also added to the finished job. This tau flying base was made with two sanding blocks hacked to shape with a bradall and glued together before drybrushing. Some greenstuff was added to the base before fine sand to give the dunes more dimension.

The eldar webway is also an old one with foamcard making up the gate itself and greenstuff for the majority of the base textures and gems. An old paint pot lid adds reinforcement to the webway. The Necron obelisk is a shampoo bottle with a flying stem inserted and cork/sand surrounding the base. Once painted I glossed the obelisk to make it stand out, added some decals and then some green crystals I got from my local hobby store.

The first base is the slate and grass theme from my heroes of badab, in this case representing a marines errant stormtalon. It's simply slate and sand which are basecoated and drybrushed with static grass added later. The ever contraversial whitescars aquarium plants are simply stuck onto this whitescars base.

For the imperial fists Martian base I considered going to town and building a 3d rock structure similar to that of the crimson fists one next to it, but ultimately kept it simple with stones and sand. The aforementioned crimson fists base (one of 3, the other two will feature next time) is insulation foam cut to resemble rocky outcrops then drybrushed.

Last but far from least are space wolves and raven guard. The wolves have a snowy outcrop made from a galeforce 9 tub glued to the base with a plasticard ramp atop it. From there I built up the structure with decorating filler with cork stuck in for rock. Before it set I also stuck in the flying stem to leave an imprint for it. Once set I sanded it a bit before spraying the rocks black and painting them up. I then sprayed the whole thing corax white leaving the rocks looking frosted. the show area was then covered with PVA and snow scenery mixed together. For the icicles I cut triangles of plastic from a gw blister, covered them in UHU glue and later glossed them.

For the raven guard base (industrial/night theme) I dug out an old model kit and used it to encircle the stem, which was removed for painting. After texturing and undercoating I drybrushed the ground blue grey and weathered the industrial parts before reattaaching the stem.

That's it for the first run folks. Very happy with how they all turned out, with some being clear favourites. Next time we have pairs of bases: 2 more crimson fists ones, a pair of chaos heldrakes bases, 2 ork bases, one each for the angels of death, 2 dark eldar and imperial guard / black templar battlefields. May be a few weeks but they'll be done. Cheers.

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