Saturday, 6 June 2015

Space Marine collection photo

This is just a brief one I thought I'd share as a couple of weeks back someone asked if I had taken a photo of my entire collection before. The answer was and still is no, but I'd thought I'd have a try at laying out most of my Codex marines prior to the new book arriving just to see how numerous they are. I kept going until the dining table (3'x5') was covered, and in total used 8 armies. This is approx half my Space Marine collection and covers most of the 'codex' armies, with Black Templars and Blood Ravens being absent for no other reason than their boxes are at the bottom of the pile. Left to right we have:

Back - Heroes of Badab / Crimson Fists / Ultramarines / Salamanders
Front - Iron Hands / Raven Guard / Whitescars / Imperial Fists

Now, for the most part these guys are all in good shape, but with the advent of the new codex next week I will be starting to give some of them special attention, namely Imperial Fists, Ultramarines and Salamanders, though this won't be until July as I'm away on holiday. So for me the next quarter of hobbying (once the last few things are done pre-hols) is pretty much pre-determined. Some Necrons need assembling and spraying, certain projects need painting up, Admech needs to grow into an army and the Marine armies need a bit if updating. Sounds simple, but there's quite a lot to it. That's on top of whatever GW throws us in the meantime. Cheers.

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