Sunday, 21 December 2014

Blood Angels Codex review - Heavy Support


Mostly the same except that we lost Dreadnoughts to Elites and gained the Baal predator.


Not such a novelty now that codex marines have universal access. Also, we got no access to stormtalons making a mockery of our former mastery of the heavens. Still, second perhaps to the space wolf flyers the Stormraven is arguably the best flyer in the game and plays well with Blood Angels due to the ability to carry dreadnoughts and infantry straight into an assault. Points and options remain the same (costs 1 point for a searchlight!) and sadly bloodstrike missiles are a thing of the past, replaced with the uniform stormstrike AP2 concussive ones. Still a solid choice (the only choice really) for AA and works well as an anti-tank platform and assault delivery system.

Devastator squad:

Now the same as their codex equivalents, I'm not sure the devastators will see much tabletop action still to be honest. They can't take heavy flamers and their nature makes them less useful for double pistol sergeants and furious charge. All of their weapons loadouts can arguably be acheived better by other units for better value. They do have flakk missiles now, however, but I find that the best AA is usually another flyer. Plus being in a crowded slot means they will likely be outcompeted.

Baal Predator:

Lost scout but retained overcharged engines and moved to heavy support. Base cost remains the same but sponsons went down to 20 points each pair. The flamestorm variety will still suffer from the same snap shot hindrance as before but the shooty version is still solid for anti-infantry and light vehicles despite losing scout. Heavy support is a more suitable slot for a tank and now it won't compete with other fast choices. All the slots are looking pretty crowded to be honest but that's what multiple detachments are for.


Now costed the same as the same as the Marine codex, the predator has to buy the upgrade to overcharged engines (fast) for 10 points. A bit of flexibility is good to be honest. No net points cost change here and I feel the predator will lose out to the Baal for anti-light vehicle and anti-infantry and the vindicator for all else. Still, a fast las-predator has a good chance of getting 2 hits while retaining manoeuvrability, if you're of the opinion that lascannons are of any use in 7th.

Got 25 points but needs to buy the fast upgrade for 10 points now, which is a bargain to be fair. Still solid and a decent choice in most lists that will inspire fear in most opponents.


Got cheaper and can buy fast upgrade also (!). Not much else to add. I like them for a cheap anti-infantry unit that can hide and still shoot cheap troop choices off of objectives. I would consider it if I had points to spare and a free slot but would never upgrade it to fast. 

Land raiders:

I decided to group these guys together as the resounding messages are the same for all 3. No dozer blades, points in line with codex Marines, can no longer deepstrike and are not dedicated transports anymore. This all sits well with me as it never made sense before. Deep striking land raiders was an awful concept and making it that the Blood Angels suddenly had hundreds of the bloody things for everyone to take a spin in was just as bad. Balance and fluff have been restored once more.

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