Saturday, 20 December 2014

Blood Angels Codex review - Fast Attack


Vanguard moved to elites and assault squads and dedicated transports moved to the fast attack slot, while Baal predators moved to heavy support.


Dropped 5 points and retained overcharged engines to be a fast vehicle. As solid as ever, though I suspect drop pod lists may be more favourable this edition. Like with space wolves, the rhino is now a fast choice and the dedicated transport slot has disappeared.


Net drop in points as although the base cost went up 10, the upgrades became cheaper. The Razorback is still a decent halfway between transport and tank and with smaller squads will be worth considering. Note that assault squads can no longer swap out their jump packs for a razorback, only a rhino or drop pod.

Drop pod:

Same as the codex equivalent and now a fast choice. I think pods will be popular either for allies, terminators or small squads of marines with melta / flamer weapons.

Land Speeder:

No change from before and points in line with codex marines. These chaps will probably struggle when competing with the other fast attack slots sadly

Assault squad:

The humble assault squad had now been relegated to fast attack. losing obsec isn't such a big deal but the inability to run an all jump pack list is a huge change and a sad one to be honest. I'm keeping fingers crossed that Exterminatus will provide datasheets / detachments to rectify this. With furious charge as standard now, large jump squads are a reasonable choice. they retain access to meltaguns unlike their codex friends, as well as plasma guns and their special pistols. Not grav pistols though. They may remove jump packs for a free rhino or drop pod, but no longer a razorback. Importantly, minimum squads can take 2 special weapons and sergeants can take dual pistols. I can see drop pods with 5 marines packing 4 melta or flamer weapons being a popular choice here.

Bike squad:

Points are now costed in-line with code marines and they also gain access to grav weapons. I think small bike squads tooled up with grav or melta (and or course being relentless with furious charge) will be the other dominant FA slot choice.

Attack bike squad:

Same as before aside from furious charge of course. I have a soft spot for my pair of multi-melta attack bikes and will continue to use them for tank hunting. However, there are probably much better choices for that in the FA slot now so I doubt attack bikes will get much of a look in.

Scout bike squad:

Once again, all points are now in line with codex marines and the only real difference is the availability of ranged weapons Blood Angels have and furious charge.   

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