Friday, 30 May 2014

Dark Angels Fire Raptor commission finished

Hi folks,

Been a busy few weeks what with 7th edition being released. So far I've only had one game but found it highly enjoyable - mechanics such as the new psychic phase and the Maelstrom of war missions add a lot more depth to the game IMO. 

One of the main hobby projects I've been working on lately (as well as assembling Astra Militarum and Inquisiton as well as prepping my Blog Wars 7 army) is a commission for a client whom I've previously done some work for. This particular model was a bit more of a challenge as, unlike my previous commissions, it wasn't a character or squad, but rather a vehicle. 

Assembling the Fire Raptor literally took hours by the time all the resin has been washed and trimmed. BEWARE anyone assembling one themselves, do not glue the cradle loop to the cradle for the gun pods - the instructions are very vague on this point and it will cause a nightmare for you (as it did me) if you glue them in place. I also magnetised the gun pod weapons.

As for painting I went with a classic Dark Angels scheme with a few logos and freehand added here and there. I went for opaque cockpit to give a nice contrast to the rest of the model. The hardest part was getting the green wash correct as I found it pooled and streaked unlike on the smaller models (tips anyone?) As a finishing touch I used a flying base in the same scheme as my own Dark Angels and those I have previously made for the client. 

Overall it took about 20 hours beginning to end and I'm happy with how it turned out. I hope my client is also pleased with the results as I am hoping to take on two more large vehicle projects for him in the near future. I also one day hope to have a Raptor of my own as it's an amazing model and looks by far the best Space Marine Flyer. Cheers.

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