Monday, 12 May 2014

40k release predictions for the next year

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Recent rumours regarding the starter set for 7th edition got me thinking about what to expect from GW over the next 12-18 months. I'm sure there'll be a few surprises thrown in there that no-one could have predicted without covering every single eventuality, but for the most part we can take educated guesses at what we'll see. Here I'll go over what I think we may be in for:

7th edition box set - a few whispers are going around about this one and I think that the Orks Vs Blood Angels one is pretty much on the money. With points ratios similar to that seen in Dark Vengeance and a Ltd edition special figure to flog I can't see the predictions on posted on Faeit212 being that far from the mark.  

Scenery - we are bound to get more scenery at some point - whether it comes in the form of yet more imperial models, a scenery upgrade set for the new starter or finally some xenos scenery, who knows.

Supplements - keep them coming as we haven't had one since crimson slaughter.

Codex model releases - generally these will be of the same calibre we have seen of late with 3-4 new kits spread out over the month alongside a new book. None of the updates will be groundbreaking I doubt, just mostly updating kits with a few new units thrown in as multibuilds. This will help to get all armies up to the same point some 18 months from now with 7th edition tailored rules, comprehensive model ranges and hardback books.

Orks - hopefully some decent plastic character clam-packs, meganobz, buggies, deffkoptas and new infantry.

Blood Angels - pretty comprehensive range, so I'd predict updates to some generic marine kits (assault squad, predator) as well as a new infantry kit (honour guard?) and perhaps a new flyer to reassert their dominance of the skies.

Space Wolves - again, a pretty comprehensive range and thus aside from a unique flyer and some character clampacks (wolf/rune priests) I'd expect a new infantry unit of some sort.

Dark Eldar - missing a few special character, perhaps some will be given the plastic treatment (or dropped altogether?) but I can't see them being released in finecast after recent releases. The voidraven needs a kit although beastmasters, incubi and the archons court will likely remain finecast for now. More likely is that the coven units will get the plastic treatment, with haemunculi, wracks and grotesques getting multi-build kits in a similar fashion to how the eldar release focussed on wraith units.

Necrons - These chaps have one of the most up to date and comprehensive model ranges of all the armies and so I see them getting either new units or updates/multi-builds of the oldest models i.e. the ones with green rods included. A big kit would also be welcomed.

Grey Knights - A tricky release as the model range is well represented by a few recent sets. It wouldn't surprise me if these chaps simply got an updated book with a relatively minimal model release, perhaps paired with other army models or an update of say the razorback kit.

Sororitas - I would be quite frankly stunned if these gals didn't get a comprehensive model range and paper codex, but suspect it won't be until the rest of the army books have seen an update. These kits would sell like hot cakes and would herald in a major release over a month or two.

Models for already updated armies:

Space marines - a few older kits are more likely to see updates via the specialised chapters which share the kits.

Dark Angels - not needed, aside from the older kits shared with all marines.

Eldar - plastic aspect warriors would be great!

Tau - a few finecast models remain but other than that all is fairly up to date.

Chaos Space marines - marines, havocs, obliterators, chosen and cult marines all eagerly anticipate an update, plus cultists.

Chaos Daemons - plastic greater daemons and beasts.

Astra Militarum - a new regiment would be ace, plus rough riders.

Tyranids - some older kits would benefit from recuts and thropes/vores need to lose the finecast.

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