Thursday, 26 December 2013

New Iron Hands models join the army - honour guard, contemptor, HQs and AA.


This marks quite a momentous day as I've actually managed to get all of my codex Space Marine armies up to date for 6th edition and fully assembled. Ironically, the Iron Hands were the last to be done (ironic as they're the most fully painted army I have). I thought I would share a small gallery of the new models to be joining the rest of the army.

All the newcomers. Note that some items are painted as they were a part of the army already but have been reshuffled (note the 5 bases at the front which I over-ordered by mistake. They will be used as objective markers)
Contemptor and venerable dreads

5th member of my bike squad, a MoTF on bike with conversion beamer and a TM/MoTF on bike with interchangable fairing

2 techmarines and a TM/MoTF

Honour Guard. Really love these chappies. They're basically the IH legion squad with a few MkIII weapons and TM power axes (relic blades) added.

Chapter master on bike with shield eternal and TH (AKA Mutoid man) and Chaplain with combi flamer - note the vexilla backpack and 4-sided crozius

AA tank designed to mount either a stalker, hunter or hyperios turret. The best thing about this is that when painted all the turrets will still be predominantly black and so can be interchanged between my Black Templars, Iron Hands and even Salamanders.
For completeness, a shot of the rest of the army (note a few of the models are present in this shot also)

That's it for now, though I will be adding a foot mounted MoTF, terminator librarian and a second contemptor lascannon to be able to run him as a mortis pattern before drawing a line under the army for good. Very pleased with them and hopefully it won't be too long before they are also fully painted like the rest of my Iron Hands.

You may notice a few FW units have crept in now that they are more officially recognised. I also added in a land speeder tempest to my Blood Ravens. I hope to pick up IA2 vol 2 sometime before easter in the new year and longer term hope to add a FW unit into each of my SM armies for the cool factor.

Cheers and a happy new year.

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