Saturday, 14 December 2013

Blood Ravens full army assembled

Greetings chaps,

I've been trying to finish various projects over the past few months in the wake of the new SM codex. One of these projects involved bringing the Blood Ravens army up to date for 6th and making it more viable as an army in general and thus here we are.

The original brief for the project when I first dreamed it up was to make it so that the Blood Ravens were represented as they were in game. Therefore, I decided that only units present in the game were to be used (no flyers, vinidcators, bikes etc) with a couple of stretches, such as a command squads to represent the ancient and his veterans and using a vanguard squad instead of assault squad. The other stipulation was to convert up characters from the game, mostly from DoW2 which puts more emphasis on the squad leaders.

Recent additions have been the command squad (including ancient and apothecary), techmarine martellus, a chaplain, Chapter master (post-DOW2) Angelos, a predator/whirlwind/razorback and finally a custom built land speeder tempest. These elements have helped to bring the army together nicely and thus I'm now happy to call it a day with the Ravens weighing in at 3000pts. I've basecoated a good chunk of the army and now they shall retire to their box til the new year as I have nids to prep and a few things to assemble to finish off the Crimson Fists and Iron Hands. I think these guys are a serious contender for a Blog Wars 7 army and so anticipate they'll be back out to play soon.


Transports - note the shaved down UM symbols which will ultimately have the BR chapter symbol on

Close up showing the final colouring of the BR bone colour and freehand chapter symbol

LS tempest custom build alongside a regular LS

Tactical marines, finished example in the bottom left corner

Sergeant characters from DOW2 - Thaddeus, Tarkus, Aramus (AKA force commander), Avitus and Cyrus

Gabriel Angelos as both Chapter Master and Captain

Chaplain Varnus, Captain Diomedes and Jonah Orion

Techmarine Martellus, Venerable Davian Thule, command squad (including apothecary) led by the ancient. (Tarkus)

Thaddeus and his Vanguard

Cyrus' sniper scouts (note the conversions)

terminators led by Tarkus

Predator with optional whirlwind turret and Avitus' devaststors.

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