Tuesday, 17 September 2013

How to paint Black Templars - a tutorial / painting guide

Hi folks,

Next painting guide happened quicker than I expected as actually, it's pretty darn fast to paint black! Same format as the previous painting guide, although please note this chap being a veteran/sword bretheren will have differences from the majority of the rank and file, mainly in the appearance of his shoulder pad. Cheers.

Paint list:

Abaddon black 
Rakarth flesh
Mephiston red
Balthasar gold
The fang

Gehenna gold
Auric Armour gold
Doombull brown
Evil sunz scarlet
Wild rider red
Pallid wych flesh
Runefang steel
Eshin grey

Carroburg crimson
Seraphim sepia
Nuln oil
Agrax earthshade

1. Black Armour - spray the model black and once dry edge highlight all the armoured areas with eshin grey. Then proceed to highlight the extreme surfaces (corners predominantly) with dawnstone. (optional wash - see step 2)

2.  Metal areas - paint with leadbelcher, wash with nuln oil and highlight with runefang steel. You may choose to wash the entire model with nuln oil rather than just the metal areas as this ties together the black highlights nicely. It may make the black armour look a bit patchy, though this should resolve when varnished.

 3. Red areas - including cloths, crusader seals, eyes and, in the case of veterans, the Chapter badge. Start with mephiston red then highlight the edges with evil sunz scarlet. For the cloth areas, finish with a carroburg crimson wash. For the harder areas, add a second highlight of wild rider red. Add a dot to the eyes.

4. Cloths/purity seals - start with a base of rakarth flesh, wash with seraphim sepia then highlight the edges once dry with pallid wych flesh. (note, in hindsight I realised I forgot to paint the wax purity seals on the model before photographing - doh)

5. Shield / regular shoulder pads - As most models don't have the shield, but do have white/black shoulder pads I thought I would include this here. Paint the white area with dawnstone, then administratum grey, then a few thin layers of whitescar. Make sure the brush strokes all go in the same direction. Finish with an edge highlight of non-thinned whitescar. Treat the black areas the same as the rest of the armour.

6. Gold areas - paint with balthasar gold, then gehenna gold before washing with agrax earthshade. Once dry, edge highlight with auric armour gold. 

7. Details - I specifically painted the jump pack engines (colours not listed above) on this model but have not included it in the tutorial as most BTs would not have them. Black writing was added to the red and cloth seals, the black ones (and armour) had script added in whitescar. (note, I highlighted the black seals with the fang to make the material stand out from the armour)

8. Base - again, I haven't included the base paints in the above list as most armies will be different. The razor wire was treated the same as the metal areas but also washed with thinned doombull brown to show rust. The base is rhinox hide, with an arrax earthshade wash and doombull brown highlights. The texture paint stirland mud was used to drybrush the bottom of the models legs as weathering/dirt. 

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