Friday, 6 September 2013

Codex Space Marine armies on parade part 5/5 – projects and the future

This is the final part of a series of articles I will be putting up each night this week focussing on the SM armies I have painstakingly put together over the years. It will only focus on those armies with a basis in Codex: Space Marines, so no Space wolves, Blood Angels etc. As I am principally a hobbyist, the armies are assembled more on theme and fluff than on power gaming, which hopefully should come across in the diversity of units. This part focuses on the armies I have which are not among the popular chapters, namely the Blood Ravens and the ensemble army I have called the Heroes of Badab. 

Blood Ravens

Dawn of war and DoW2 were and still are great games. Inspired by them I took it upon myself to make a small Blood Ravens army, principally based on the characters from DoW2. Therefore my only stipulation was that if a unit didn’t appear in either of the games then I wouldn’t include it. The army works well as an ultramarine successor as it has a good range of units, plus uses Telion (Cyrus) and Tigurius (Orion). Notable models are the Vanguard, Characters (all made to look like their DoW2 inspirations) and especially Gabriel Angelos.

The Blood Ravens will not be benefitting from any new releases, although at some point they would greatly benefit from more heavy support, such as a predator.

Legion of the lost and Deathwatch

These chappies were a real labour of love and are basically a count-as legion of the damned unit and a generic sternguard squad for use in any chapter. The legion are based on horus heresy traitor legions before they went awry and the sternguard are basically one marine from each of my armies including a captain and librarian.

Only plans I have for these chaps are to add a drop pod (likely taken from the Crimson fists once they get their stormraven) and I'm toying with the idea of replacing the Luna wolf in the LotL with a Fallen Angel. 

Heroes of Badab

This is a rather fun project inspired by the Badab War Forgeworld books. I would describe it as a rainy day project, mainly as I only have half the models for it and several of them aren’t even assembled yet. The premise is fairly simple in that I took one unit from each of the loyalist chapters involved in the Badab war that I felt best represented that chapter and would paint them all as different chapters fighting as one force. For example, MkV assault marines for carcharadons. The army will very likely sit in the box until such time that I have run out of other things to assemble (not far off now) and have enough cash to invest in the other half of the army.

Units needed are 5 tartaros terminators, 5 MkV assault marines, a stormtalon, deimos rhino and deimos predator. 

This wraps up the 5-part series and takes us to within hours of the SM release. I know what I’m doing all day tomorrow so I hope everyone also enjoys the release as much as me. Cheers.

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