Thursday, 5 September 2013

Codex Space Marine armies on parade part 4/5 – Works in Progress

This is the fourth part of a series of articles I will be putting up each night this week focussing on the SM armies I have painstakingly put together over the years. It will only focus on those armies with a basis in Codex: Space Marines, so no Space wolves, Blood Angels etc. As I am principally a hobbyist, the armies are assembled more on theme and fluff than on power gaming, which hopefully should come across in the diversity of units. This part focuses on the armies yet to be fully assembled, namely the whitescars and black templars.


Now I put the whitescars down as unassembled, yet when I laid them out to photograph they were actually more complete than I gave them credit for. Reason for this is I was going to take them to a tournament at one point and so actually assembled and painted a fair chunk of the army, with the rest remaining untouched. As it stands the army isn’t all that far from being finished to a tabletop standard and simply requires a few more models to be assembled/converted. Notable models throughout due to the subtle conversions, yet I’d say Khan is my favourite. Note the absence of the vanguard from the picture who are in pieces on the desk at the moment.

Whitescars won’t be getting any love from the release, although they have several heavy and elite slots free for any future expansion. I think  they function pretty well as an army as is and will only be better given the new chapter tactics and price drops.

Black Templars

Now these chaps were purchased mostly as a lot with a few extras and spares donated and have mostly been sitting in a box waiting for the day Templars would get an update. Well, it might not have been in a format most expected but that day is almost upon us hence the Templars have been getting a lot of attention lately. The theme is a crusade army, surging forward unstoppably. There are several notable models in the army, such as all the independent characters, the mullet neophytes and the tabarded terminators. 

Templars will be getting both a share of the vanguard and possibly devastator centurions and a hunter/stalker from this release. Though it’s likely those models will be donated to the imperial fists/salamanders instead, in which case a storm talon at a later date would be needed for ranged fire/air support.

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