Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Codex Space Marine armies on parade part 2/5 – Black is back

This is the second part of a series of articles I will be putting up each night this week focussing on the SM armies I have painstakingly put together over the years. It will only focus on those armies with a basis in Codex: Space Marines, so no Space wolves, Blood Angels etc. As I am principally a hobbyist, the armies are assembled more on theme and fluff than on power gaming, which hopefully should come across in the diversity of units. This part focuses on the Raven Guard and Iron Hands.

Raven Guard

This army is an infantry army meant to reflect the covert-ops undertaken by the Raven Guard. Fortunately, it should do quite well under the new ruleset as it has 20 assault, tactical and scout infantry. Notable units include several forgeworld armour marks, converted sergeants, extensively converted scouts and a Chaplain converted from the forgeworld captain.

As 2 of the elite slots are free, they will be benefitting from some vanguard veterans (made from the new box and some scavenged Salamander vanguard) and possibly some sternguard also. Ultimately, I’m considering a stormraven for this force also as they lack both AA and a decent delivery system for shrike and the 5 vanguard.  Also, if I were to ever get ahold of the new librarian model then he would be getting a jump pack and joining the Raven Guard.

Iron Hands

Well, where to begin. This is my best and most fully painted army, which has won several best painted awards. I was both thrilled and disappointed with the rumours as the Iron hands gained some unique rules, but at the same time lost both the chance for their own special character and the ability to proxy other characters (cassius and calgar are in my force). This is a shame, but but no means the end of the world as I can design a substitute for calgar using the chapter master and relics/armoury and can simply use the cassius conversion as a techmarine. The whole army is full of notables as it is heavily converted and thus I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Ultimately I would like to add an extra unit or two to make the army a bit more viable. I have one of each elite and heavy slots free and also 2 fast slots, so was thinking a vehicle or two would certainly be good especially with the IH chapter traits. A techmarine/motf on bike to take advantage of the chapter tactics (and the spare ex-blood raven model in the pic) is also on the cards. The new Hunter/Stalker springs to mind for the heavy slot and perhaps a second dreadnought in Elites.

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