Monday, 2 September 2013

Codex Space Marine armies on parade part 1/5 – sons of Dorn

This is the first part of a series of articles I will be putting up each night this week focussing on the SM armies I have painstakingly put together over the years. It will only focus on those armies with a basis in Codex: Space Marines, so no Space wolves, Blood Angels etc. As I am principally a hobbyist, the armies are assembled more on theme and fluff than on power gaming, which hopefully should come across in the diversity of units. This part focuses on two of the Sons of Dorn armies, namely the Imperial and Crimson fists. 

Imperial fists

This army was built on the principle of being a fairly all round codex-adherent force, with some emphasis on siege craft. Unfotunately the new chapter tactics make sniper scouts a bit redundant in an Imperial fists force and also Telion can no longer be used. I like the models however and so will be keeping them regardless. Models of note in this army are the converted land raider and Lysander, whom is one of my best paint jobs to date

They will be getting no new models from this release, though in the future I would like to add a third heavy support unit, such as more devastators or another tank.  Alternatively, they may have the devastator centurions meant for the Black Templars donated to them.

Crimson fists

These chaps were themed to be post-fortress monastery disaster, the idea being that most of the armoury had gone up in flames and so the Fists were forced to rely on orbital drops for the most part. Pedro leads the force of course, and at the moment it consists of 5 drop pods for transport. Notable models are the Limited edition sergeants, converted scouts, sternguard and dreadnought and the unit of 10 converted honour guard.

They similarly will be getting no new models from this release, although my long-term goal is to pick up a Stormraven for them to replace 2 of the drop pods.

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