Sunday, 19 May 2013

Work in progress scenery - Imperial Hall of Heroes

Hi Folks,

Here is a WIP of a scenery piece I dreamed up a few weeks ago. It's basically an A3 piece of foamcard with a smaller piece stuck atop and some wedding cake pillars evenly spaced. The foamcard is black for ease of spraying and the pillars will have Imperial primer added (can be seen on a couple of test pillars) to make the paint layers adhere better. The bottom piece of foamcard had rounded corners added and I hope to texture it with PVA and sand to be asphalt. The next layer up has had a grid scored into it to look like tiles. The base of each pillar is equivalent to 4 tiles. Atop the pillars I added a single round base and am beginning to add in some old, 2nd ed stripped down marines to be statues atop the pillars. Unfortunately I made a stupid error gluing on the pillars and (after so much precision cutting) have damaged a few of the tiles. I may add some battle damage such as debris and a broken pillar or two to make it less squeaky clean and hide the damage. Hope to have it finished in a few weeks. Cheers.

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