Friday, 24 May 2013

Blog wars 5 countdown - 4 weeks to go - Dark Angels

Hi folks,

I'm afraid a combination of dodgy shifts, Eldar rumours and already being behind schedule meant that week 5 disappeared completely from the countdown schedule. On the plus side, this week has been a bit slower and I anticipate having both this and last weeks projects finished by Sunday. in fact, the first one is already done so here they are:

Sometime over the weekend I will upload the next lot of 'green marines' (no prizes for guessing which other first founding chapter) which leaves me with just the Ultramarines sternguard, drop pod, Blood angels assault squad and Lysander to finish in time for Blog wars. As all of these guys are done to some extent already I think it's realistic and should look great when done. The big plus point of this project is that it will give me at least one unit in each of my marine armies which is done to my highest standard. 

Once BW is over and done, my next project will certainly be Eldar and I hope to do a couple of showcases for them also - one showing one of each aspect warrior and another showing one of each other (i.e wraithguard, guardians etc) unit to demonstrate my paint schemes. Eldar are my other favourite army in 40K next to marines so really looking forward to the next few months. Cheers.  

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