Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Deathwing! Army fully assembled

After almost 2 weeks of prep the deathwing are now finished, with ravenwing and greenwing hot on their heels. My DA army started out a few years back as being an elite 2 - 2.5K list with Belial, 3 terminator squads, a ravenwing squads, some dreadnoughts, tanks, company veterans and land raiders. The onset of Dark vengeance and the new release has seen that collection swell to more than double the size, with me able to field both greenwing and deathwing at 2k, with ravenwing at about 1500. Never one to take the easy way out I have pretty much hacked the original deathwing army to bits in order to convert every model and make the most of all the new bits. Dreadnought, 4 of the heavy weapon bearers and the standard are all swappable thanks to magnets/pins. All that's left now is to drill some barrels and get painting.

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