Saturday, 24 November 2012

On the painting desk - Blood Ravens

The Space Marines of choice for painting lately have been the Blood Ravens. The advent of Khorne red has made it much easier to paint these guys and so I wanted to start making some progress on them. They’re actually a really nice army and long-neglected. Although the majority of the models are pretty bog-standard, it’s the characters, dreadnought, vanguard and scouts that make this army shine, as they’re all conversions, mostly made to represent actual character from the game dawn of war 2. For example, there’s Cyrus (counts as Telion) leading the sniper scouts, Tarkus leading either the tactical squad or the terminators, avitus leading the devastators and Thaddeus leading the Vanguard. Davian thule is there as a venerable dreadnought and the army is led by either Jonah Orion (FW Librarian) or a lovingly converted Gabriel Angelos, who is both one of my favourite 40k characters and one of my favourite conversions. The army is fully assembled but only halfway through the painting stage so here are some shots. 

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