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Dark Angel thoughts / predictions / random wishlisting

Hello all,

As 2012 now draws to a close I find myself looking back over the 40k treats we've had from the past year. We were treated early on in the year to the delightful anniversary Crimson Fist Model (which itself was later outdone by the fantastic GD Blood Angel Captain) and a few long awaited releases, such as the Thunderwolves/Fenrisian wolves and Tyranid big beasties. The Necrons got more releases throughout the year and became the first army in recent years to get every unit in their codex (including special characters) represented in only plastic and finecast in such a short space of time.

Then in the middle of the year the sixth edition rulebook hit, followed rapidly by the amazing Dark Vengeance starter set and the only codex release for the year: Chaos Space Marines. From the left field came a few surprises. Firstly some new units in the form of flyers which had WD rules and then a Daemon release accompanied by both new unit rules and rules updates. Add to this the entire paint range being revamped and several finecast update waves / upgrade packs being released, such as the sternguard pack and tyranid warrior arms.

For an anniversary year, we didn't do too badly on the 40k front, especially when we also consider the fanboy dream that was FW releasing the Horus Heresy book one and many a pre-heresy model to accompany it. One thing was defintely lacking from this years release schedule however, and that was new codices. A single codex in a year came as a disappointment to many, especially with all the rumours running around of armies ready to be released and with several armies badly in need of an update. That leads me on to the topic at hand: Dark Angels.

I always enjoy reading rumours no matter how credible they may or may not be and to be honest, the rumour clampdown has taken away a very enjoyable part of the hobby for me. It used to be that you would have an inkling of what was coming from 6-9 months away and then the speculation would begin. Gradually more and more facts would creep in, some would be debunked and some supported. Eventually a few leaked pics would surface or there would be a GD teaser. Then about a month before you would pretty much know how things were going. This no longer happens on such a scale to the extent that nobody really has any solid rumours until literally just before the WD release and preorders go up. As a result I have compiled my own random speculation on what we may expect to have released for Dark Angels in January (if they even are!) and what new units will feature in the codex. Here are my predications:

Interrogator Chaplain
Command squad – one model can be upgraded to Bethor
Deathwing command squad
Ravenwing command squad

Tactical squad
Deathwing Terminators

Dedicated transports
Drop pod
Land speeder storm

Deathwing elites with plasma cannons – one sergeant can be upgraded to named character
Ravenwing elites with special weapon options
Company veterans (mixed weapon options)
Techmarine with multi-barreled weapon upgrade
Chaplains (1-3) – one can be upgraded to Interrogator Asmodai
Redemption squad (skull helmed gunslingers)
Scouts – one sergeant can be upgraded to Naaman
Venerable dreadnought

Fast attack
Ravenwing attack squadron
Ravenwing support squadron
Assault squad
Ravenclaw fighter / new speeder variant

Heavy support
Land raider**
Land raider crusader**
Land raider redeemer**
Predator (with plasma options)
Devastator squad
Dreadnought (with mortis options)

*Makes ravenwing attack squadrons troops
**Can be taken as dedicated transports by Deathwing units

 Comparison of FOC slot numbers with BA codex:

DA          BA
10           11
5              2
6              4
8              8
6              4
6              8


  • Codex
  • Psychic card deck
  • Finecast versions of existing special character models and rerelease of Asmodai model in FC.
  • New FC Belial model and new FC model for Sapphon. (other named characters without model to follow in later wave)
  • Techmarine FC box with new servo-harness weapons
  • Plastic 5-man PA robed box with options for command/veteran/’redemption’ squad
  • Plastic 3-man Ravenwing squadron in new bike style with options for normal/elite/command squad
  • Plastic 5-man Terminator squad with options for normal/elite/command squad
  • New recut predator in Baal-predator style with new turret options
  • Flyer , such as the speeder variant or fighter that were rumoured
Well that concludes my random speculation with perhaps very little basis in fact. I personally think that we will see Deathwing and Ravenwing sets despite their inclusion in ark Vengeance. One great incentive to get people to buy more sets is to add in more types of unit and make the parts only available in the individual sets, thus people will need to supplement their copies of dark vengeance with some new shiny releases. Whatever the release turns out to be I hope that i will allow more interesting mono-wing builds and make Dark Angels even more divergent from Codex Marines.

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