Sunday, 3 June 2012

Blog Wars 3 - Victory for the Iron Hands!!!

Hello all. It's been a while since my last post as I've been busy preparing for Blog Wars 3. Basiccally, various things had interrupted my painting schedule and so it got to mid-May and became highly apparant I was nowhere near my target. My choice: give up and get the three colour minimum slapped on or go for it and commit to getting the army finished nomatter what. Well, I opted for the latter and so finished the Iron Hands literally the night before the tournment.

Now I'll admit the title is a bit misleading as I came 9/26 in the tournament ultimately. However, the victory I'm referring to is none other than the best painted army award, which I was both honoured and thrilled to receive. If I'm honest I wasn't expecting to win. I knew I'd put a lot of effort in and that they were of a high standard as this was the target I set myself. However, being quite modest and seeing some of the other armies there (several of the tyranid armies were especially gorgeous) I hadn't expected to walk away with the win. I now proudly have the certificate in frame on my painting desk and spent the £25 prize (which equates to about 50p per hour of painting!) on replenishing some of my dwindling paint stocks.

As for the tournament itself, Alex (From the Fang) did a sterling job as always of organising and hosting the event at Maelstrom. Funnily enough I drew him in the first round and took a bit of a pasting from his Dark Eldar, which my list seemed woefully ill-equipped to deal with. The game neded in a draw however, and due to the small victory points margin between us I ended up drawing none other than Alex again for the second round. Alex moved things around and so I ended up playing Greg Pikosz (apostates anonymous) against yet another Dark Eldar list. We only managed to get 4 turns in which again resulted in a draw. Had we gone on longer there's little doubt that Greg would have gained the upper hand as my poor Astartes couldn't face up to a competitive ravager/venom/reaver MSU list. Lastly, I played against James Lamb (sheep of war) and his very well themed monkey (inquisition) list. James had some terrible luck with dice rolls and from about halfway things started to tip my way. Ultimately I ended up with a win 4 objectives to 0 at the end of the 5th turn.

Overall it was another great day and I would like to thank Alex and his crew (Matt/Scott) for organising the event, Greg and James for two enjoyable games and of course Maelstrom for being superb hosts once again. Special thanks also to everyone who voted for the Iron Hands in the painting competition. I will be posting a gallery in the next few days that will hopefully do them justice. Lastly, despite being a bit put off painting power armour at the moment, I have decided that one of my more neglected armies will be getting the dust off for blog wars 4 in October. The Whitescars are being mustered and hopefully this time it will be an enjoyable 4 month project rather than a last minute rush. Watch this space. 

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