Monday, 16 April 2012

Iron hands conversions showcase

As The Iron Hands Project nears completion I wanted to share a few close-up pictures of the notable conversions in the army. Firstly is the counts-as Marneus Calgar, who is made from an AoBR terminator sergeant with a Venerable dreadnought front patched over the chest. The arms are lightning claws with the blades replaced with studs and a halo-like bludgeon added to the knuckles. A dreadnought storm-bolter and a heavy bolters ammo hopper were added to the back. The Master of the forge has no conversions as such but I liked the way the model was coming along and so decided to add it. The counts-as Cassius is made from FW honour guard and pre-heresy upgrade parts with some techmarine parts also.

Both the predator and Whirlwind are the newer type Rhino hull with 2nd ed turrets added. 

This chap is a simple Mk2 missile launcher with underwired cotton-wool (lightly sprayed) for effect.

This particular 'attack-quad' conversion took a while to get right and needed some green stuff, 2 sets if bike wheels and front fairings and what I think is an ork trukk turret. The base was also scratch-built from plasticard and brass-etch.

Lastly, the land raider was salvaged from a cheap Ebay raider and had the track-tops removed. A fewbits of plasticard, brass etch and a spare set of tracks made it look like a hybrid between the older and newer style raider. 

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