Wednesday, 25 January 2012

25th anniversary models - retro marines get some love

I thought considering the main theme of the blog and my love of retro GW nostalgia I should pass comment on GWs limited anniversary models. The first one unveiled last month was of course the second edition box art Blood Angel Captain which is a games day exclusive model. I love this artwork and can still remember the day I got second edition for my birthday. I also remember Mike Mcvey's conversion of the model which, although fantastic, doesn't compare to this new one by Juan Diaz. I have no idea what place there is in my Blood Angel army for the model (I already made my own attempt at a homage some time ago here), but the chance to own and assemble this model is too great an opportunity for a SM fanboy to pass up and may tempt me to games day this year.

The second one is the 25th anniversary model which is of course based on the original rogue trader Crimson Fists cover. Although the artwork isn't as impressive as the second edition cover, it is a great reminder of the era that the 40k we all love grew out of. I'm a bit disappointed that the plasma pistol didn't remain as a wrist mounted one to be as faithful to the artwork as the Blood Angel captain and also the price is a bit steep (who wants the display base after all) for a single model. It shall be on next months shopping list though, especially now there is no other 40k release set to happen. (doom scythe will just have to wait)

I can't help but wonder at this stage if they may take things a step further for their flagship game and release a limited Dark Angels Captain (dark millenium expansion cover) and Black Templar Marshall (3rd edition cover). Doubtful, but you never know. Thanks to Bolter and Chainsword for the pics and hopefully tomorrow I will add the next Space Marine paint scheme showcase.

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