Sons of the Unknown (Blood Ravens)

The Blood Ravens idea grew out of playing Dawn of War 2, which introduces us to several characters and some beautiful armour and weapon variants which are a converters dream. I therefore looked at assembling ant army as cheap as possible that would stick within the confines of units available in the two dawn of war games, while also allowing me to field characters and keep in line with the Blood Ravens fluff. 

With DoW 3 now on the horizon I was inspired to make one final push to get the army fully based, assembled and completed so that all that would be left was to come back at a later date and finish the paint jobs off. Now complete, the army can be broken down into a combined arms detachment and a gladius strike force, made up of a demi-company, first company strike force and librarius conclave. Weighing in at over 3000 points, I consider the army complete.