Heroes of Badab

Well, I must admit that this project kind of appeared out of nowhere. One of the main reasons I started branching out in terms of armies in the first place is that I love the painting and modelling side to the hobby. So much in fact, that when I was skimming through the PDF for the Badab War IA books, a stray thought popped into my head - wouldn't it be cool to have an army made up of all the chapters in the Badab war, just one unit of each. I played around with the idea, basically building a list up of codex units that would suit all of the armies individually. For example, a command squad with apothecary for red scorpions. 

It was immediately apparant that it would need to be a non-special character army as to apply any of the chapter tactics would in many cases defy the fluff of all the other units involved. Ultimately though a list was born at about 2200 points, and so I set about scavenging existing surplus models and any bargains at my local gaming store that I could use to form the basis of the army. This amounted to about half of the units in the list.The idea was that I would paint up this half in full (for a change) before acquiring the second half of the army, especially as a couple of the units would be from forgeworld. Here is the list as it stands:

So far I have the following elements; raptors scouts, exorcists scouts, howling griffons tactical squad and rhino, minotaurs tactical squad, red scorpions captain and partial command squad, fire hawks vindicator, sons of medusa land speeder and of course the Salamanders ironclad dreadnought and drop pod from the pre-existing army. I'm currently assembling and painting a few examples for the models which will have multiples (i.e squads) and will be posting them soon. It's a nice little side project to have going especially when you need to break the monotony of painting a whole army in just the one scheme.

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  1. no idea why this doesnt have any comments I want to start a list like this looks awesome!