Grey Knights

Grey Knights were the first new army I bought when I got back into the hobby. I have to admit I love the army, or more that I loved it when it was an elite force taken by a few players who wanted a fluffy, specific army. My army has grown to include the newer elements over the past 5 years and is now in a place where, save for a couple of paladins, I am happy to call it a day with collecting. It stands as follows:

Supreme grand master draigo
Grand master voldus
Brother captain stern 
Grand master
Techmarine with conversion Beamer
Castellen Crowe
Brotherhood champion
10 terminators
3 paladins
10 purifiers
Venerable dreadnought (+fw options)
Rhino/razorback (+fw options)
10 strike squad
10 interceptors / strike squad
Nemesis dreadknight
10 purgation 
Land raider (+fw options)


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