Sons of Russ (Space Wolves)

My Space Wolves army is a Harald deathwolf list with supporting mechanised infantry elements. The army is fully assembled and undercoated, but admittedly spends little time on the painting desk. Although it was a fun army to design and assemble, I find something about the Space Wolf colour scheme very dull to paint. It is, however, complete and will hopefully get attention at some point in the near future.

Left to right it consists of 2 Wulfen packs, 2 Thunderwolf packs, Logan, Harald, Canis, Iron Priest on wolf, 3 Lone wolves/Battle leaders, 10 Fenwolves (+2 cyberwolves), 3 Wolf Priests (including Ulrik), a land raider crusader, Stormwolf, 5 terminators (2 to be used as Arjac/Wolflord) 5 wolf guard, 3 Rune Priests (1 is Njal, 1 is a proxy), 15 Blood claws plus Lukas, 2x 10 grey hunters in rhinos, 3 dreadnoughts (can be assembled in various combos to include bjorn and murderfang) 6 long fangs, 5 skyclaws (plus a JP wolf guard) 5 wolf scouts and a footslogging Iron Priest (totally forgot to add the drop pod into the pic).