Monday, 3 September 2018

Blood angels complete 5th company army showcase

Hi folks. Saving the best til (almost) last – here, finally, are my Blood angels. My first marine army back in second edition and my favourite marine chapter, this also serves as my largest army. I will try to break it down as best I can to fit in a single post. The battle company makes up the vast majority of the army and is formed as you would expect. Devastators and 5/6 of the tactical marines are magnetised at the waist and head to be interchangeable, as are many of the sergeant arms and one of the assault squads packs. In terms of the armoury, I have 6 rhino chassis and a land raider which are magnetised for different loadouts. I have a stormraven and hawk and would like to add a talon at some point to make up the air wing. 

Moving on to specialists now. I have 15 death company with magnetised JPs and some army. 3 squads of scouts make up 10th company support and I have a small squad of bikes and attack bikes from one of the reserve companies to aid with fast attack. A 10-man squad of sanguinary guard with magnetised helm options makes up my golden host. Finally, the first company is well represented with 6 dreadnoughts (1 DC, 1 lib, 1 chaplain, 1 normal and 2 furioso), 10 assault terminators, 10 terminators, 10 sternguard and 10 vanguard. 5 company veterans add to my elite squads. 

Lastly, on to the characters. I have an array of captains, priests and chaplains as seen below, as well as a few other supporting units. Of particular note is my converted Mephiston, who was featured in Warhammer visions! Sadly my terminator priests were no longer valid and so got converted into an ancient and one still remains as a priest for posterity. I do have a converted Seth who, maybe one day, will get a (Primaris?) detachment to go along with him. Of course all other special characters are present in either their original or slightly converted guise. It has been a pleasure to build this army over the decades and now, as always, it just needs some tlc to get it looking its best. Cheers.