Thursday, 17 September 2015

Hobby progress part 1/3 - Ultramarines

The new (well, a few months old now) Space Marine codex and models gave me a chance to overhaul several armies, and the first one of these to reach completion are my Ultramarines. Completion by the way is a relative term when used by me, and generally refers to having all the models I own in that army assembled, magnetised and basecoated. In the case of the Smurfs there are a few things I've been working on to get them to this stage.
Firstly, they were all on 25mm bases and so I've updated them all onto 32mm where appropriate, aside from the Sternguard who are finished and varnished and so I may elect to use ring expanders on their bases. Secondly, the new codex brought a few changes which I had to incorporate, namely getting a Scout Sergeant to replace Telion now he's an IC and incorporating new devastators and upgrade components into the army. Lastly, I needed to spray up some models and used both the Macragge blue and Mournfang brown sprays to great effect.
As well as the parts already mentioned, I also recently added in a Deredeo Dreadnought and, thanks to a trip to WHW have also added the two command tanks to the set - given that the army contains both Sicarius and Calgar it made sense that they be the ones to get the tanks. The last few missing elements to this force are some air support in the form of a Stormtalon, Cassius and a few more Honour Guard for Calgar (FW Invictarus looks promising). In the meantime, there's still a few armies to show updates for which I'll post up in the next week. Cheers.  


  1. Wow jimbo, that's a crazy amount of work!

  2. Cheers Greg, yep a fair few hours gone into hobby lately but all enjoyable and worth it. I just want to get everything to that stage where I can just open a box and either game with them or start adding details. Been a long slog but I reckon in 6 months everything will be at that stage. Can't wait.