Sunday, 15 February 2015

Blood angel army update complete

 Hi folks.

Time has flown by recently. I've not had a s much hobby time as I've wanted in the past month but I've tried to be as efficient as possible with the time I've had. Two projects have dominated the past month: blood angels and my badab war project. The badab war project is progressing really nicely and I'm hoping to do an update post next weekend. In the meantime, on to blood angels.

When the new dex hit I grabbed a couple of sets of death company and captain Karl from deathstorm, as well as a priest, termie lib and new terminator box. Effectively I pulled apart half of my battle company and mixed and matched parts to make them all much more blood angel specific, seeing as a fair chunk of the company were monopose marines from older boxed sets.

I used the new terminator set to make my 7 assault terminators into 10 and add in a chaplain plus standard bearer. I also doubled my sternguard to 10 and swapped a few sergeants between squads. A spare rw bike became a sanguinary priest and a cheap set of dv bikers became ba bikers. A few of my special character conversions got makeovers and I magnetised all my vanguard/death company and sergeant arm options. As an afterthought I went all out and upped my sanguinary guard to 10. I also grabbed a second priest (first one ended up as corbulo) and between that and a finecast model converted a librarian and a special character who will have his own spotlight later this week. (see if you can spot him in the pics)

 So, as it stands now my army is Finito. What you see in the pics plus 6 dreadnoughts, 6 Rhino chassis, a land raider and stormraven (with another still to be assembled) represents my largest and proudest army. Now they're where I want them to be I aim to chip away at them over the next 2 years a squad at a time, rebasing onto 32mm and painting up as I go. One assembly project down, now onto the next. Look out for the special character feature this week and badab project next weekend. Cheers.

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