Thursday, 18 December 2014

Blood Angels Codex review - Troops


Just a short section here, with most things simply brought in line with codex space marines. Biggest change, and not entirely unexpected given the way FOC slots work these-days, is that assault squads, death company and death company dreads have disappeared. Well, almost anyway as we'll see in a moment.

Tactical squad:

Now cost exactly the same as their codex counterparts except that they obviously have furious charge instead of chapter tactics. They now also boast access to grav weapons (Dark Angel player envy) and heavy flamers (Salamanders player envy) making them arguably better than Codex marines in terms of their flexibility. One other thing is that sergeants can access double pistols should they wish, making them a force to contend with in the firepower department. Solid

Scout squad:

Very little to say as they are now basically codex marines. Furious charge instead of chapter tactics of course and now the option for hellfire shells on the heavy bolter. Plus double pistols on the Sergeant, although this is probably not as useful as on the other squads. A great, cheap choice though if you want to load up on other things.

Cassor the Damned:

Cassor is actually 10 points cheaper than an equivalently armed Death company dreadnought. A bit of a shame he isn't Moriar, but if you want a troops choice DC dread to free up an Elite slot and gain objective secured, he's your man. A decent choice that I'll probably take quite often. Bear in mind he doesn't have a drop pod option so you'll need to run him, use a fast attack drop pod or use a stormraven to deliver him.

Raphen's death company:

Again, they are identical in points to the equivalently armed death company squad but would benefit from being troops (obsec) and not taking up an elite slot. Where Cassor outshines them is that he is equipped nicely, whereas a 5-man DC squad won't last long in the open and there is very little in terms of ablative wounds before you start to lose special weapons and points. Worth considering, but a proper death company squad is much more likely to fill the role you need it to.

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