Sunday, 16 November 2014

Crimson Fists Army Showcase plus extras

The crimson Fists have returned from Blog Wars 8, alas with no prizes in two this time around. All 3 games resulted in losses and the painting competition had some stunning entrants as always, but in my opinion perhaps the most stunning army we've had on display to date in the form of a Dark Eldar army that deservedly won both best army and best character. Still, the Fists are now over half done in their entirety with two tactical squads, five terminators, a stormtalon, three characters and a pair of drop pods still outstanding to be painted. They were a joy to paint and quite the achievement in only 6 weeks. Here they are with a couple of other models that I've either painted or photographed lately thrown in too:

Deathwatch allies

And some random oldies and a new Iron Father just to practice with the camera

Current Space Marine Projects include wading through this pile of painting (not as bad as it looks though, most things are at least halfway there) in between other assembly projects. Blood Angels soon folks - time to get the red power armour dusted off!


  1. There's a 100% improvement in the standard of your photos with the new set up. If I ever finish a model I might pop round for a photo shoot.

  2. Cheers pal. The new lights make a big difference but actually looking at the pics above its clear that the random bottom pics are the best of the bunch and they were taken using Dan's camera with an overhead light in addition to the two studio ones. Think I will use that setup in future and try to get a decent camera further down the line.

  3. Fantastic Jimbo! The photos look soooo much better. Can see all your hard work now. Well done! I love the pose on that dread! It's really hard to make those guys look dynamic!

    1. Hi Greg
      Cheers for the comment. Just need to take pics of the missing scouts and sterguard ASAP. I'm pleased with the dreadnought as it was a last minute decision to get some use out of the anniversary captain display base. The other notable thing about this army is that every model is converted in some way. Cheers