Sunday, 8 June 2014

Recent hobby progress - Iron Hands and Knight commission

Hi chaps,

Only been able to spend and ever-dwindling small amount of time on hobby stuff this past week. in the immediate future we have Blog Wars 7 coming up in less than a week and so I am chipping away at the new additions to my army. They're all in various stages of completion with the venerable dreadnought probably needing the most time spent on it. I'm confident that I can get it done over the next 5 days with a decent level of commitment though. 

The other project I have been busy with is half of a commission project to build two Imperial Knights in service to the Dark Angels. They are to be named Lion and Luther and I've decided to make them unified with a common colour scheme of chrome and green with the Lion sporting accents of bone and gold trim while Luthor sports black and red. Once Blog wars is done I hope to have the Lion completed in a couple of weeks. Luthor I will start in mid-July aiming for an end of July finish. They will both be magnetised for weapons and have DA brass etch on the armour. 

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