Sunday, 4 May 2014

Recent commission work - scions and kasrkin

Hi folks,

Been quiet of late, my apologies. As well as real world stuff I've been working on several commission projects, one of which is now finished and the second of which should be soon. I thought I would share the finished one with you. They are a group of 8 older Kasrkin models and 5 new Scions who are a command squad. I was given a couple of models to use as a colour scheme guide and basically matched the colour and patterns as best I could  to them. Pretty happy with how they turned out as was my client. Really like the new scions but also this was the first time I had worked with Kasrkin models and I was actually very taken with them also. Cheers.  


  1. Beautifully painted. The commander with the servo skull is amazing. That cloak! wow!

    I do think you are losing some of your work in the harsh light of the photos though. Try to see if you can get more reflected light (less spot light), for more diffuse shots. I think it'll help showcase them better.

    1. Hi greg,
      Cheers for the tips. Photography is definitely a weakness of mine. I need to get a better setup really. Problem with these ones is they were taken at night so artificial room light only.

      I was particularly pleased with the cloak also. It was effectively a couple of coats of steel legion drab to get a nice solid base, then highlights with watered down karak stone. After a wash with agrax ea

    2. ......earthshade I went back over the extreme highlights with karak stone, will definitely use the technique again, probably for my own tempestor.