Thursday, 13 March 2014

Luna Wolves - Garviel Loken and Rapiers battery finished

Finally finished working on these guys. I am at the moment trying to finally get my Luna wolves on track, and I'd say they're 2/3 of the way there. The Rapiers are a fantastic addition to any Space Marine army and a lovely update of the classic model. Currently I plan on using them as both Luna Wolves and Raven Guard hence the neutral markings and colour scheme, although there's little room for Legion/Chapter colours except maybe on the front armour. The turrets are detachable though, so if I were ever to invest in 3 heavy bolter carriages there's certainly potential to use 3 track units per army repainted in the appropriate colours and keep the guns neutral so they can be interchanged.

Now for the main event - Captain Garviel Loken. I fell in love with this character as soon as I first read the Horus Heresy books. When I decided to build a Ullanor-era Luna Wolves army based on the False Gods artwork, it was always going to be led by Loken. The advent of FW armour marks, Legion rules and both a model and rules for Loken have made this a much easier task. Aside from the head, I think the Loken model is fantastic and it was a fairly simple task to remove the Sons of Horus icons in order to make way for the Luna Wolves Legion insignia. I based him with white spray and then gave him a layer of ulthuan grey, some nuln oil for the recesses and ceramite white highlights. I also had a play with the new technical paints, giving him Typhus corrosion weathering and BftBG gore. (plus some Mechanicus standard grey paint chips and Ryza rust on the base. Very pleased with how he turned out and looking forward to a mini-Ullanor with Alex this Summer once the Orks get an update. Cheers.  

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