Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Forgeworld Rapiers - assembly and overall impression

Hi folks,

Just a brief post to discuss the Forgeworld rapier, which I ultimately hope to add a squad of to both my Raven Guard infantry force and Pre-heresy Luna Wolves.

The kit itself contains all the parts for a rapier and two operators. If I had to fault the kit then my only complaint would be that you can only get the two mkIII crew members for it and therefore are quite limited as to posability. I will play around with this a bit though and try to come up with some new ones.

The Rapier tracked unit is quite nifty and surprisingly big. As the comparison shows, the base is significantly bigger than the original rapier unit and actually, despite aesthetic differences, is pretty much the same size as the thunderfires base.

Remember when I said I wanted two units, one for each army. Well the rapier design actually lends itself pretty well to this idea. You could keep it plainly painted and simply swap crew or, what I think I will do, is mix and match various models for crew and paint the rapier tracked unit for a specific army leaving the turret detachable. This way you can have a unit of heavy bolters and a unit of laser destroyers and freely swap between them.

I think this is a wonderful kit in many ways. The design is nice and fits the Imperial aesthetic, the rules are good and give the SMs access to more artillery and the model itself is straightforward enough to assemble. As mentioned, my only complaint is the lack of more varied crew but a skilled converter should be able to solve that issue.


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