Thursday, 2 January 2014

Grey Knight techmarine conversions and full army assembled/based/undercoated

Hi folks,

These chaps have been pining for attention for a long time and so after Xmas I dusted them off from the shelf and got down to finishing their basing which was the main outstanding issue. I got to thinking about techmarines and was inspired by looking at some of the great conversions on the web. I had a couple of spare metal GKs sitting in the bits box as well as a servo harness and so decided (thanks to the artwork in the book) that the GK helms and aegis armour was more appropriate for a GK techmarine than a standard techmarine body - besides, the brotherhood champion (previously justicar) model is in artificer armour also. Thus I gained two techmarines.

the last chaps awaiting spraying

The bulk of the army

The vehicles, note the stormraven still needs basing

The first is a brotherhood champ model on whom I simply swapped out the backpack for a servo harness and added a small admech logo to the right pad. He's got the obligatory stThe other conversion was a metal GK  with a left pointing arm and head facing the same way - perfect for firing a big gun. The stormbolter 'punch' handgrip on the metal models are ideal to use as a handle for an armature and thus I saw no reason to change anything with the left arm. I added an eldar DA loincloth to keep him consistent with the other techmarine and added a psilencer with admech right shoulder pad as well as a standard GK backpack and servo skull. The end of the psilencer barrel was removed and a generator from the old 'battle for macragge' starter set used for the conversion beamer, the same as the one I made for the Iron Hands. The tip of one of the shield generator vanes from the same kit was used as the barrel tip and some offcuts from both a rhino pintle mount and the landing gear from a stormtalon made up the left hand armature.
Job done.       

Conversion beamer 

servo harness

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