Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sons of Orar Captain Showcase (plus how to paint red armour)

Hi folks,

This chap just kind of happened over the weekend. Back story was that I have a fanfic that I've been writing on and off over the past few years. It's a Sons of Orar trilogy that may one day be finished (who knows) and it inspired me to paint up a model to represent one of the more minor characters, Captain Tanaka. It was also an excuse to paint up the new captain model, a gorgeous figure, but one who I didn't really feel had a place in any other armies due to his Ultramarine-like head crest. Anyway, he took about 4 hours I reckon and was a pleasure to paint. If I ever do any more sons of Orar though I'll paint the white areas seperately with a white undercoat - from black is just too many layers!

Also, here's a mini-guide on how to paint red armour:
1 - paint a good base coat of mephiston red, 2 layers may be needed but don't paint it on thick.
2 - moderately wash with carroburg crimson.
3 - once dry, repaint with mephiston red leaving the recesses alone.
4 - highlight raised areas with evil sunz scarlet.
5 - final highlight the extremes of the raised areas with wild rider red.
6 - glaze the whole model with bloodletter to tie all the colours together.

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  1. i applaud your approach of how to paint the armors, color scheme is amazing and all it gives a very strong impact. this is distinctive!