Friday, 27 September 2013

How to paint Crimson Fists - a tutorial / painting guide

Hi guys,

Third in my SM painting series (and this time with better photography I hope) is the Crimson fists. Assemble, base and prime black before starting.

Paint list:

Kantor blue
Rakarth flesh
Khorne red
Mephiston red
Abaddon black
Rhinox hide
Steel legion drab

Alaitoc blue
Runefang steel
Pallid wych flesh
Evil sunz scarlet
Wild rider red
Warpstone glow
Eshin grey

Nuln oil
Seraphim sepia
Carroburg crimson
Coelia greenshade

1. Armour / metal areas - start by painting all armour with kantor blue then all metal areas with leadbelcher. Once dry, wash with nuln oil. The metal areas can then be highlighted with runefang steel. The blue areas should be painted with kantor blue again avoiding the recessed areas and then highlighted with 50:50 kantor blue:alaitoc blue then finally alaitoc blue. 

2. Parchment - paint these areas with a good coat of rakarth flesh, then wash with serpaphim sepia. Once dry, highlight with pallid wych flesh.

3. Red areas - start with a layer of khorne red then highlight with mephiston red. Wash with carroburg crimson. Once dry, go over the highlights again with thinned mephiston red.

4 - finishing touches:

Scrollwork - mix 50:50 abaddon black and nuln oil to paint on script.

Red lenses - continue with the red highlights using evil sunz scarlet and wild rider red in the bottom corner, with a whitescar dot in the opposite top corner.

Green seals - paint with warpstone glow, then wash with coelia greenshade. Once dry, highlight with warpstone glow.

Armour script - simply paint on with a fine brush and thinned whitescar.

Gun and grenades - recoat with abaddon black, then highlight with eshin grey followed by dawnstone on the corners. 

Base - paint the rim rhinox hide, the stones eshin grey then drybrush with dawnstone.

Pouches - base with rhinox hide, highlight with steel legion drab and wash with nuln oil. (not shown in these pics - oops)

That's all folks, just varnishing after this. I haven't included a tutorial on the Ork head as most models won't have it obviously. Any questions or requests for painting guides. Please ask. Cheers.


  1. I know you posted this months ago but I just wanted to say thanks for this guide, the paint list has been a big help in starting up my own Crimson Fists army (first timer here, just getting into the hobby). Oh, and if you happen to have any advice on paints for flesh tones, that'd be a big help (as several of my marines are helmetless).

    Thanks again.

  2. My pleasure, glad it was of use to you. Actually, I've been painting a lot of flesh tones recently and am going to put up a tutorial soon so keep an eye out for it. Cheers.