Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Conversion corner – making full use of tactical squad combi-weapon parts

The abundance of new combi weapons is a dream come true, although sadly the tactical kit comes with a plug-and-play version with one stock bolter and 4 different combi parts to fit to it. Net result is that you only really get one combi weapon, unless of course you magnetise it and switch the combi-part for different games. Or alternatively, you could do what I’m doing and use spare bolters to convert all the combi-parts into fully fledged combi-weapons. Here’s how you do it:

1.       Grab your combi weapon part and the combi-bolter (to use for reference) as well as a spare bolt gun. 

2.       You’re going to need to make lots of small, fine cuts, so make sure you have a decent sharp and fine hobby knife to hand.
3.   Cut the barrel off of the front of the bolter (keep it safe for later) and remove the handle/trigger for ease.

4.       Next, cut the grip completely off the bolter (again, save to one side).

5.       Cut around the casing of the bolter, removing the magazine and holder as you do.

6.  The stock of the bolter needs to be trimmed very carefully as the sides are asymmetrical. Try cutting each side away at a time but only cut to half the depth of the bolter – this way you should meet in the middle at different heights.

7.    Take all your parts and mock assemble your new combi-weapon. Any parts that don’t fit right, try to identify the reason and trim it accordingly. If you need to sacrifice another bolter then so be it – most bits boxes usually have a fair few!

8.    When you’re happy with the fit you can assemble the weapon using plastic glue and green stuff for any gaps.

9.       All done, magnetise to different hands and drill barrels as required.


  1. Not to be a downer, but what unit would one use those on? The tac squad comes with one for the sergeant(if you want it), and you'll have extras for sure with Sternguard. I guess devastator's or command squads could benefit though.

  2. Fair point matey as the new sternguard do provide one of each. There are instance where people may want them though say in more multiples than the sternguard box provides. Add that to the cost of the sg box vs the tactical box when you essentially get double the marines.

    The other reasons more from my perspective are that I already have sternguard squads and rathern than shell out for the combo weapons on a bits site it's cheaper to use some of the spare bolters I have laying around and make use of otherwise unused parts.

  3. Sternguard actually provide two of each, but still... generally you're going to want 3-5 of the same one in a Sternguard squad if you're kitting them out with combis.

  4. Doh, my mistake. Don't know why I wrote 1. Yes, that's the idea though.