Thursday, 8 August 2013

New space marines plans and impressions

Well folks, it's almost upon us and as you may imagine, I'm very excited. This past 12 months has been great. Dark vengeance really pushed the boundaries as a starter set and 6th edition hailed in a new era for 40k. For me the two chaos releases were a bit meh on both the model and rules front and apocalypse seemed to come and go without me batting an eyelid. Tau and Dark Angels sucked me in a bit and both those armies got nice updates. Eldar got me truly excited and I'm still loving the new book and painting up an army for blog wars later this year. However, if you've ever looked around this site then you'll know for me, it's all about the Space Marines!

From what the rumours say, this will be a larger than average book (surprising as it breaks the consistancy of recent releases, but pleasing all the same) giving all the first founding some love (yay Iron Hands) and also incorporating Black Templars. I'm immensely excited about how this will all be handled and what new chapter traits will exist. Then the models. Hunter/Stalker = sold. Must have one of these bad boys. Will pass on the centurions - to me they are ugly and have no distinct role within a SM force. My armies will get along just fine without. Then the character models. No real need for them but if they are pretty then I may be tempted to put them in an army that is lacking that particular specialty. Lastly the infantry sets - I will grab one of each and distribute them throughout other armies and use the bits. With very limited funds at the moment and a truly stupid amount of armies, this may seem a bit of an impossible task to assimilate the new ones into. Also many of the armies still lack Anti-air, something I need to work around. My birthday will help with the finances and so here is how I plan to tackle the update:

Black Templars
These chaps still require a little assembly and so I think they will be the main focus of the release for me. They will gain a stormtalon for AA and the majority of the new troops will be allocated to them so they can be a foot horde force, which I'm assuming they still can be played as.

Blood Ravens
Bit tricky as I always wanted these guys to only have units that are in the
video games. Therefore, they will have to rely on their devastators for AA (shame a tempest isn't a flyer) and will get no other new models. 

Crimson fists
My drop pod army has always been a bit iffy and I think I've found a way to sort it. I'm going to reallocate 2/5 drop pods to other armies and add a stormraven in to carry pedro/dreadnought/honour guard, killing 3 birds with one stone.

Heroes of Badab
Now these chaps are a real rainy day project army and thus will be getting no love this time around as I can't afford to sink the £150 or so into them to get the army complete. Sorry chaps.

Imperial fists
Again, no real love for the fists either as their heavy slots are already full. Devastators will have to do for AA for now. 

Iron Hands
Now these chaps still have a heavy support slot free and so I'm definitely thinking they will get a hunter allocated to them. With a twist, however. Once I've seen the model I plan to scratch/convert one to fit with the other older equipment used by the rest of my army which can be swapped for the whirlwind turret. Job done.

Raven Guard
Not sure about the raven guard to be honest. They're a foot-infantry army so an AA tank doesn't really fit. Some air support in the form of a stormtalon would be good but there are no free fast slots in the army. Will have to wait and see how the book treats them first I think.  

These chaps will be getting a hunter/stalker for sure and if I can seperate the turrets I may donate the other turret to the Imperial fists.

Again, will make do with devastators but will probably get some retooling from the bits box.

Nothing needs to be added to this army but as they're still only 50% assembled it'll be them and the Black Templars getting all the attention
come September. 

Anyway, enough of my babble. Exciting times though, roll on September!

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