Friday, 28 June 2013

Space Marine painting challenges - one character from each of 14 Chapter

Hi folks,

Blog wars 5 may be gone but the Astartes are far from forgotten. In a role reversal, the Eldar army I've put together prospectively for blog wars 6 will be taking centre stage on the hobby desk for a the next few months. However, having had so much fun painting Lysander and using new techniques I decided a nice 'pick up and paint' side project to go alongside the Eldar army painting was needed. And so, following on from my multi-chapter themed blog wars army, I have assembled one Character from each army to paint up. Some are nearly finished, others not even basecoated yet, but the idea would be that while the Eldar army has a specified end goal, I can paint as little or as much of these guys as I want if I decide I need a break from xenos. Also, as a result of posting them here, if anyone has any specific request to see any of these chaps finished sooner rather than later I will see that s incentive to paint. Please make any such requests as comments. Cheers. 

The Chaplains of the lot, Raven Guard and Blood Angel. Lemartes is unconverted, but the Raven Guard Chaplain has a helmet sculpted onto a Corvadaye body with a crozius instead of a hammerhead
Onto the psykers. Njal is mounted on a resin skull base most of which will ultimately be obscured by snow. The Grey knight is a conversion from terminator parts and greenstuff

Belial is converted from deathwing parts and is nearly finished. Kantor also has a lot painted on him

These Captains are conversions from the chapter masters. The Imperial fist will likely be repainted using a similar technique to my Lysander, while most of the Salamander is base coated.

On to named characters. Left is my Gabriel Angelos Blood Ravens conversion who needs work on the armour and sword. Right is Sicarius, sporting an old-school coloured plasma pistol

This Iron hands dreadnought isn't a character as such but happens to be the only Iron Hands model Ive yet to paint and thus makes the cut by default

This  Khan conversion pre-dates the metal model and was based on the codex artwork.

These two chaps are converted from the black reach captain. On the left is a Luna Wolves centurion, who was originally to be my Loken before FW made their model (birthday coming up Mrs J - hint hint!). The right hand one is a Black Templars Marshall

Here are the in-progress bases for Khaaaan, the Centurion and the Marshall. The Whitescars have a jungle (ahem, aquarium plants) theme, the Luna Wolves city streets and the Black Templars I have decided to go with a mudded and littered trench battlefield

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