Monday, 17 June 2013

Blog wars countdown - Blood Angels Complete and Lysander WIP

Hi folks,

Blog Wars 5 is almost upon us and my good friend Alex has done a sterling job of sorting both a great venue and prize pool. Not that I don't miss her and value her company above all else, but the wife has rather conveniently gone away on a conference for the next 2 days, which should help greatly with my painting targets by freeing up some evening time commitments. Sorry Mrs J. ;)

The Blood Angels are done, and although I initially toyed with the idea of leaving them as they were, I'm very happy I went back and spruced them up somewhat. The new red paints are so much nicer than the older ones and my painting has improved a lot in the year and a half since I first painted them (for BW1 as it happens). So, all is done except Lysander, who presents a unique challenge in that I'm trying to paint his armour as a non-metallic metallic reflective surface as it's something I've never done before. I've made a start on him but the next 4 days will be telling. In the meantime here's th BAs, the whole army near complete and Lysander WIP. Cheers.

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