Saturday, 11 May 2013

Cheap, quick and easy Imperial bunker.

Hi folks,

Got myself distracted with a little side project lately. This really was a quick and easy project, which I reckon I spent no more than an hour on not counting drying times. I've labelled it as a 'Gilson' pattern bunker - prize if you can guess the reference and what it's made from. I have it down as a cheap, no frills bunker used by Imperial forces - cheaper to mass produce that the standard bastion. Without further ado, here she is.

The box was upturned, holes cut in the front and sides and a doorway at the rear. The box was then mounted on a foamboard base and both were textured with filler. Sand was added to the base and an aquilla to the bunker.

Basecoated black

The bunker was painted fenris grey and the base scorched brown. Both were washed with agrax earthshade. The base was drybrushed mournfang brown and the bunker with a 50:50 mix of space wolf grey and shadow grey. 

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